Tricks To Clean The Burned Pot Back Into The Shiny

how to clean pot ? Although not important, the charred pot ruined the landscape. Replacing with a new one is not a solution because the charred pot is actually still worth using.

As long as you know how to clean the burning pot, the pot will look clean again.

Accidents when cooking can happen anytime. For example, forget to cook or warm vegetables. As a result, the vegetables burn and leave the crust in the pan. Vegetables can be made again in a short time. But, the burned pot is quite difficult to clean.

Oops, do not get confused! Here are some ways you can try to clean the burning pot.

Flush Vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid content that works well when used for clean burning pans. Pour the vinegar into a charred pot, let stand a minute, then rub with a sponge and clean soap.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking soda is also proven to clean the burned crust in the pan. Sprinkle baking soda directly in a burning pan, let stand, then wipe with a sponge and soap to clean.

Hot Soap and Dishwasher Soap

Soak the charred pot in hot water and dishwashing soap. This mixture will make the burned crust stick to a softer and easy to clean pot. The longer the immersion process, the more residual the crust can be removed by itself, and the less energy it will have to remove to rub. If the hot water is cold while the crust has not been removed, replace it with new hot water.

Apply Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil can also help soften the charred crust in the pan. The trick is to apply vegetable oil evenly into the charred pot, let stand briefly, then rub with a sponge and soap to clean it.

Create Your Own Cleansing Pasta

This method can be tried if the pot is bad enough. Mix the baking soda with vinegar, then add the lemon juice to taste until it becomes a thick paste. Make sure the paste is not too thin. Apply a cleansing paste to a burning pot. Let stand a few minutes, then fill the pot with water. Heat the water 10-15 minutes, then turn off the stove and leave all day. When heating the water may also rummage a little crust on the bottom of a pot or pan by using a blunt stirrer that does not damage the surface of the pan. After the crust is burnt, wash it with a clean sponge and soap.

Soap powder

To clean the scorched marks, sprinkle the pan or pan with a little powder soap, then give a little water. Cook the water until it boils. After the fire is turned off, keep the boiled water in a pan or pan for several hours. Usually, the remnants of charred food that stick will come off.

Decoction of water

Can also fill the pot/pan with water, salt, vinegar or lemon/lemon. Boil the water of the solution until boiling. Turn off the stove and let the cooking water remain in the pan or pan until it cools. Then, wash with soap while rubbed rather strongly. If the pan or pan is coated with Teflon, do not rub too strong.