Four Easy Tricks To Clean The House

It can not be denied that cleaning a room with a large floor at this time is one of the unpleasant things. Not only the energy is drained, the cleaning time needed is not small.

Therefore at this time, not a few people will choose to use the services of household assistants, or floor cleaning companies to tidy up his house.

Here are tips and tricks to clean your home easier.

  1. Microwave

The rest of the food that is attached to the microwave is not an easy thing to clean. Clean the microwave by heating the mixture of a cup of vinegar, water, and a lemon slice for five minutes. It will be able to make the softening dirt so that you can easily clean it.

  1. Children Toys

Keeping children’s toys clean is a must to do, to keep all toys clean. You can use an anti-bacterial spray to remove germs or bacteria attached to the child’s toy.

  1. Remove dirt from the shower hole

Dirt on the shower hole can be overcome by using a vinegar solution. Put one vinegar solution bag on the shower head, and set aside for one night. Then, clean the residue with a washcloth, then the flow of water in the shower will return as before.

  1. Remove the sticker on the wall

Sometimes children often play with stickers and stick them on walls. Do not let go of gouging it, because it will leave a stain, and make the lining of the wall peel off. It is best to water the sticker with hot water, then dry with a hairdryer, and stickers will be easy to remove without leaving a trace on your wall.